Latest Bio Stories


Antibiotic resistance: How did we get here?October 21, 2019

Finding ways to enlist the bacteria living in our bodies to defend against infections while better understanding their role in promoting antibiotic resistance are key to fighting this growing problem, says Dr Nassos Typas, a microbiologist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany

The disabled engineer: My storySeptember 9, 2019

When Ken Mitchell walked into the pub to meet his work colleagues socially, he decided to 'come clean' and use his walking stick - with that, he received total acceptance as well as some reassuring words from his boss that he was a good engineer who was hired for his brains and not his brawn

Organ bioprinting gets a breath of fresh airMay 7, 2019

Bioengineers have cleared a major hurdle on the path to 3D printing replacement organs. It's a breakthrough technique for bioprinting tissues with exquisitely entangled vascular networks that mimic the body's natural passageways for blood, air, lymph and other vital fluids