Re-engineering Ireland (Part II): A one-off opportunity?August 7, 2018

If Ireland wants to stay competitive, it needs to develop and implement modern spatial strategies and related planning rules quickly – even if it doesn't suit all of the interests vested in a continuation of the status quo, says John Moran

Our favourite cities – by four urban plannersAugust 7, 2018

The quality of a city is not simply defined by the grandeur of its buildings, or the efficiency of its transport system. Here, four urban planners name their favourite cities, and explain what makes them special

Bacterial armour could be a new target for antibioticsAugust 7, 2018

Stanford researchers have found that a thin membrane, thought to be just a shrink wrap around some bacterial cell walls, has structural properties critical for survival, and drugs that destroy it could be a new approach to treating infection

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