Crossing No 46: River Barrow’s latest iconic bridgeSeptember 9, 2019

The River Barrow bridge – a key part of the N25 New Ross bypass scheme – has an ambitious design which sets it apart from the bridges that have gone before and, in time, the 46th crossing will become one of the most recognisable structures in the country, writes Mary Bowe

Flood risk management: Slowing the flowSeptember 9, 2019

Flood risk management is an engineering discipline that seeks to mitigate the damage caused when flood flows interact with vulnerable receptors and, a subset of measures - including working with natural processes and flood storage - mitigate the flooding risk by slowing down the response of the catchment to rainfall events, writes Barry O'Connor

The disabled engineer: My storySeptember 9, 2019

When Ken Mitchell walked into the pub to meet his work colleagues socially, he decided to 'come clean' and use his walking stick - with that, he received total acceptance as well as some reassuring words from his boss that he was a good engineer who was hired for his brains and not his brawn

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