Why I want to be an engineer (Part II): Five fascinating storiesMarch 20, 2018

From returning to the coalface following time off to raise a family; to flying at short notice to a drillship off Uruguay; to thinking outside the box and considering pregnant cyclists; to dreaming of being an engineer in Ireland while on a train in Italy; to being an advocate for women in sport and STEM, these fascinating five tell their story

Stephen Hawking: Life of a modern-day geniusMarch 20, 2018

We take a look at the life of one of the most recognised names in modern science, theoretical physicist, and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14 - the same date on which Albert Einstein was born

Are bigger bacteria easier to kill?March 20, 2018

Stanford researchers have discovered a genetic 'tuning knob' that can increase the size of harmful bacteria like E. coli, making them more susceptible to antibiotics

A future colourfully lit by mystifying physics of paint-on semiconductorsMarch 20, 2018

It defies conventional wisdom; it's baffling that it even works; it eludes physics models. This newly tested class of light-emitting semiconductors is so easy to produce from solution that it could be painted onto surfaces to light up our future in myriad colours shining from affordable lasers, LEDs, and even window glass

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