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A sound climate-energy strategy must tap into a whole world of R&DFebruary 6, 2018

In the final part of a three-part series, Michael O'Halloran argues that it would be unwise not to research every conceivable method for producing alternative energy because at this early stage nobody can predict the eventual outcome of research in any area  

Climate change: exploring a citizen-centric paradigmJanuary 9, 2018

Ireland's energy landscape is facing a significant transformation. Paul O’Brien writes that the challenge for the Irish Government is to implement policy mechanisms to drive positive behaviours by rewarding energy citizens


Why are wind turbines always painted white?December 5, 2017

Wind turbines are both despised and beloved, but why are they always painted white? Not only does it increase their lifespan, but from ground level it helps them blend in, while from the air it helps them stand out. Christopher Madden reports