Latest Mechanical Stories


Engineering in the Air CorpsSeptember 12, 2017

Engineers play a crucial role in the Air Corps and the other branches of the Defence Forces – the Army and the Navy. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Moran explains the role of engineers in the Air Corps and the opportunities ahead

3D printing – sweeping the toy industry off the shelves?September 12, 2017

People who scoff that 3D printers are simply toys themselves probably do not realise how much money is made from playthings – and DIY manufacturing is having a multi-million-euro impact on the toy industry, writes Allison Mills


Industry 4.0: A world of new business models and marketsAugust 29, 2017

Festo’s Eberhard Klotz offers an insight into the factory of the future and explains how this industrial revolution offers business opportunities in the areas of production, engineering processes, energy management, logistical processes and predictive maintenance