Latest Electrical Stories


A power system in transitionSeptember 4, 2018

An EirGrid/Electric Ireland pilot project will help determine how residential Demand Side Management can be fully utilised in a future energy or services market, contributing to the facilitation of renewable energy

Climate: Clean power is not enoughJuly 10, 2018

Even in a world of stringent climate policies and a clean power generation, the remaining use of fossil fuels in industry, transport and heating in buildings could still cause enough CO2 emissions to endanger agreed climate targets, research has found


Dual-purpose wave farms: a new paradigm in coastal engineeringMay 29, 2018

With the advent of technology for transforming wave power into electricity, the objective of coastal engineers will be to protect the coastline and harness wave power, rather than to dissipate or reflect it back to sea – a paradigm shift in coastal engineering