Latest Chemical Stories


Successful water treatment – setting the scales straightSeptember 20, 2016

Effective water treatment can be a balancing act for businesses, with scaling, corrosion and tuberculation all potentially problematic. Dr Simona Vasilescu explores how bespoke monitoring is a cost effective and sustainable water-treatment solution

Chemical engineers design programmable RNA vaccinesJuly 12, 2016

Engineers have developed a new type of customisable vaccine that could work against Ebola, H1N1 influenza and other disease outbreaks, and could be deployed faster than traditional vaccines. The new vaccines could also be used against other infectious diseases and cancer

Tiny diamonds could enable huge advances in nanotechnologyJune 14, 2016

Nanomaterials have the potential to improve many next-generation technologies and researchers have developed a new, quick and inexpensive method for constructing diamond-based hybrid nanoparticles in large quantities - circumventing many of the problems with current methods