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Advanced anaerobic digestion in Ireland: An analysisMay 1, 2018

Matt Smyth looks at the opportunity for advanced anaerobic digestion in Ireland, which, followed by reuse of the residual biosolids on land, has been evaluated to be the most sustainable solution for wastewater sludge treatment and disposal

A future colourfully lit by mystifying physics of paint-on semiconductorsMarch 20, 2018

It defies conventional wisdom; it's baffling that it even works; it eludes physics models. This newly tested class of light-emitting semiconductors is so easy to produce from solution that it could be painted onto surfaces to light up our future in myriad colours shining from affordable lasers, LEDs, and even window glass

Graphene on toast, anyone?February 20, 2018

The same scientists who introduced laser-induced graphene have enhanced their technique to produce what may become a new class of edible electronics