The second coming of the electric carDecember 16, 2019

The government’s Climate Action Plan envisages a large role for electric transport, and John Hayes, a senior lecturer at University College Cork and an expert on the electric transport, guides us through where electric transport came from and whether the technology can replace our petrol engines

How we can recycle more buildingsDecember 16, 2019

Only through a combination of efforts can we start to recycle more buildings, but I’m confident that with the right will – and the right investment – we can start to massively reduce the amount of materials we pull from the ground each year and move towards a truly sustainable future, writes Seyed Ghaffer


Montreal massacre, 30 years later: My experience as a woman in engineeringDecember 16, 2019

In 1989, I was a teenaged girl with a choice to make when a man killed 14 women at Montreal's École Polytechnique. After the terrible events, I decided then and there to become an engineer — I was determined to prove that women deserve a place in engineering because they are every bit as smart and capable as any man, writes Kim Jones

Five artificial intelligence trends for engineers and scientistsDecember 16, 2019

US software company MathWorks predicts that 2020 will see artificial intelligence (AI) play an increasingly visible role in a wide range of industries from industrial automation and medical devices to automotive and aerospace, write Paul Pilotte and Bruce Tannenbaum

Heating by coolingDecember 16, 2019

Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez resolves a fusion paradox to receive Del Favero Prize

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