Trinity offers full and part-time MSc courses in civil engineeringMarch 12, 2019

Trinity College Dublin now offers courses in a range of civil specialisms, including MSc in Environmental Engineering, Structural & Geotechnical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Engineering, and Transport Engineering, Policy & Planning. These courses are accredited by Engineers Ireland

Keyhole surgery using robotsMarch 12, 2019

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory are incorporating maxon products as part of a project to develop Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (RAMIS)

Engineering models: How they can detect a thousand picturesMarch 12, 2019

Models have been meticulously constructed for a wide range of projects including incinerator plants, harbour and port expansions, roads, bridges, tunnels, waste and wastewater facilities, industrial design projects, petrochemical plants, aircraft interiors, breweries and pharmaceutical projects, writes Ger Crowley


How one engineer has tackled poverty, one person at a timeMarch 12, 2019

MIT senior and Rhodes scholar Sarah Tress aims to combine her mechanical engineering background and MPhil in development studies that she is pursuing at Oxford University to help gain a deeper understanding of how poverty arises and to reduce hardships in developing countries


Engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrudeMarch 12, 2019

A team of chemical engineers have developed a new kind of jet mixer for creating biomass from algae that extracts the lipids from the watery plants with much less energy than the older extraction method - a discovery that puts this form of energy closer to becoming a viable, cost-effective alternative fuel


Discovering the next generation of catalystsMarch 12, 2019

The use of solar and wind energy must be doubled over the next 30 years. Catalysts that can ensure the storage of solar and wind energy in fuels and chemicals will play an increasingly important role. Now researchers have developed a method that makes it easier to find better and cheaper catalysts

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